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Kelly Swan

A Life in Service to Others

Kelly Swan

Kelly Swan

Kelly Swan’s meandering life path started in one of New York City’s five thriving boroughs, Manhattan. She left for Greenwich, Connecticut, in pursuit of her passion for helping and teaching others. While earning her undergraduate degree from Fairfield University, Swan worked as a recreational therapist in a nursing home. The position afforded her many opportunities to cultivate the empathy and compassion she has for the clients she serves as a colon hydrotherapist, licensed massage therapist and owner of Cape Coral Colonics.

Swan got plenty of daily use out of her dual major in English and writing after moving to Japan to teach English as a Second Language. She stayed for one year, wholeheartedly embraced the foreign culture and returned home with a broader perspective on life and people.

From age 7, Swan began living with a painful childhood health problem, osteochondritis dissecans (a joint condition) that eventually led Swan in adulthood to learn about her body’s internal environment, and that she could alter it with diet and keeping her colon clean with regular colon hydrotherapy. “Acidity accumulates in our joints, which is why it is important to eat a diet of mostly plant-based foods that alkalize the body,” advises Swan.

Swan’s childhood bone condition occurs mostly in the joints of children when a small segment of bone begins to separate from its surrounding region due to a lack of blood supply. Small pieces of bone and the cartilage covering it begin to crack, loosen, detach and even float around. “My joints were literally dissipating. I had surgery when I was 20. Today, I have arthritic issues because in some parts of my body, bone rests on bone. It’s just one of the reasons I have so much empathy for my clients who are suffering with discomfort and pain. My own journey to wellness and my 21 years as a colon hydrotherapist allows me to bring my life experiences and open heart to my work in helping clients to explore their inner wellness in a comfortable environment and safe space,” explains Swan.

The focus of Swan’s work is finding the best combination of colonics, diet, exercise and practices which ensure that the results of her client’s sessions are maintained. “I want them to know how they can live a life of renewed vitality, well-being and lightness,” says Swan, whose technique of colon hydrotherapy is an ancient and gentle method of colonics that uses only gravity, without any extra or unnecessary pressure.

The addition of the BioMat, a U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved bed of amethyst crystals that conducts far-infrared light waves and negative ions, promotes cleansing six inches into all body tissues. “Adding the BioMat to the colonic means that there is more release of dormant toxicity and acidic waste. It is also a wonderful way to relax. Clients tell me that they feel as if their body has been on a mini-vacation,” notes Swan.

Cape Coral Colonics is located at 4720 SE 15th Ave. Unit 209, in Cape Coral. For appointments, call 239-549-7559 or visit

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