Collier and Lee Counties Edition
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Miracles Everywhere

Holidays are filled with magic and miracles; sometimes, we just have to focus our view to see them. Years ago, I decided to do just that during a particularly challenging holiday season.

In preparation for every gathering with friends and family I paid attention to how much I loved and appreciated them, and then expressed such thoughts openly. I felt gratitude for my life and looked for fresh ways to bring ceremony and celebration to activities. I regularly reminded myself to slow down, take a deep breath into my heart and radiate from this place of loving connection.

In this month’s annual Uplifting Humanity issue, you’ll find expressions and evidence of love amid messages of our ultimate oneness. I am continually inspired by the open-hearted people and enlightened activities that fill these monthly pages.

This month’s interview with award-winning author Lynne McTaggart about her most recent of seven books, The Power of Eight: Harnessing the Miraculous Energies of a Small Group to Heal Others, Your Life, and the World, examines the transformative power of joining together to hold good thoughts for a common goal. Some of these scientific experiments have been undertaken in partnership with research institutions.

Lynne told us, “I’ve discovered all that’s needed is a group, whether it’s eight or 8,000. In a group, we seem to lose our sense of individuality and separation from the world. We experience an overwhelming sense of oneness with the other intenders, which may be why our influence then becomes more powerful.”

People also find that when they focus on healing intentions for the well-being of others, a healing shift takes place in their own life. Whether sitting with others or individually at their computers, those participating in McTaggart’s studies reported positive shifts in their relationships, health, careers and well-being. Read more on page 34.

I recently experienced this phenomenon through sharing in exercises, intentions and miraculous stories at a local Miracle Group. Following guidelines outlined in their new book Ask and You Shall Receive Joy, group leaders Carisa Jones and Sylvia Lehman encourage weekly participants and readers of their work to create and define a direction and plan for their life. Discover more on page 35.

In Linda Sechrist’s feature article, “Peace on Earth: Conflict Resolutions that Work to Bridge Divides,” we learn about the healing power of recognizing our core oneness. Locally, we highlight groups working to help build community connections and heal divisiveness through classes on non-violent communication, community café coalitions, and creating safe spaces where strangers with differing worldviews can engage in meaningful conversations.

May you find the gifts of this holiday season everywhere you look and ring in a new year with clear intentions, claiming full gratitude for receiving them. Write them down. Then go out and give what you wish to receive!

Happy holidays and a bright, shiny New Year from all of us at Natural Awakenings,

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Sharon Bruckman, Publisher

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