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Thonon Espouses Beautiful Health

Caroline Thonon

Caroline Thonon

For more than 15 years, Caroline Thonon, owner of Beautiful Health, LLC, in Naples, has been doing extensive research on tools, modalities and nutrition that could help in restoring her health. “Eating healthy food wasn’t sufficient for me to overcome obesity and cure the asthma and Epstein-Barr [mononucleosis] with which I had been diagnosed,” says Thonon.

After several years of teaching herself what she needed to know about nutrition and food combining, Thonton studied ayurveda, an Eastern modality. “Healing was a personal quest, because I intuitively knew that beyond the logic of mainstream medicine’s reasons for my health problems, I had to have deeper reasons for my breathing issues, overeating and excess weight. I turned to meditation, self-reflection and contemplative practices. There, I discovered my own answers that held more promise than the diagnosis of doom and gloom that doctors offered. They told me that I would never be cured of asthma, but I proved them wrong,” says Thonon, who customized a healthy diet to suit her constitution and digestion. “I’m 50 pounds lighter and I have no problem maintaining my weight.”

Thonon, originally from Belgium, searched for supplements, cutting-edge technologies and modalities on American health food store shelves and in health practitioners offices. “I used them to heal myself, and since then have used the knowledge, products and technologies that I found to help my clients discover that beauty is an inside job,” says the former spa owner.

As a Guardian Ad Litem, Thonon is a keen observer who advises the court regarding what is best for a child involved in a custody or visitation case. “I’ve noted a common mindset held by the adults that I consult with regarding health and wellness and the children for whom I make recommendations to the court. It is a lack of self-esteem, worthiness and belief in themselves. An individual who doesn’t believe in his or her self also doesn’t believe that they are worthy and capable of healing their body,” says Thonon, a health advocate for Modere, a 30-year old international social retailer with an organic approach to overall wellness.

Four key products that Thonon works with are a nutraceutical shown to promote healthy aging, active joints and younger looking skin; an authorized medical device used to improve microcirculation, a brand of CBD oil that offers a delivery system with increased bioavailability, and organic home and health beauty products.

Caroline Thonon is the owner of Beautiful Health, LLC, in Naples. For more information, call 941-457-6806 or visit BeautifulHealth.Today.

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