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Power of Touch

Giving the Gift of Pain Relief

Mary Radewahn

Mary Radewahn

While making a home in flat and heavily populated Southwest Florida at barely four feet above sea level is vastly different from living in Colorado on 30 acres with a spectacular view of Pike’s Peak, Mary Radewahn’s gypsy spirit, positive attitude and “love where you’re at” approach to life has allowed her to flourish and do work that she loves. A licensed massage therapist who owns Power of Touch, in Naples, Radewahn has had a career in law enforcement, as well as two successful businesses in commercial janitorial services and real estate, in addition to a 12-year practice run at trying out retirement before settling in to alternative health and her Naples location in Suzanne’s Images, a full-service salon.  

Radewahn’s last stop before Florida was Michigan, where she took care of her parents before they died. “After my mom died, I had to decide if was I going back to Aspen, Colorado, or coming to Naples. It was October, and I already knew so many holistic-minded people and practitioners from having my alternative health business on Marco Island when I lived there, so I decided on Naples. My previous location proved frustrating. Eventually, one of my clients, a stylist from Suzanne’s Images, said, ‘Come with me. Our massage person left and we need someone now.’ I made the leap and love it,” says Radewahn.

Explaining a previous return from retirement to massage school, Radewahn advises, “I retired at age 46 and was traveling in my RV. Everyone I met was in their mid-60’s and older. I needed someone my age to play with. I had always wanted to know how the body worked, so I decided to try a career in massage. I fell in love with it.”

Mary Radewahn gives thanks to Michael Phelps for bringing attention to cupping while he was competing in the Rio Summer Olympic Games in 2016.

Expanding her massage business to add cupping was a no-brainer after a cupping treatment from a local practitioner relieved her pain. “I got up from the table pain-free. The inflammation had been pulled from my body. I went home and got online to find a school where I could learn more about how the suction created by cupping acts to draw out what is called stagnant, or stuck, energy from inside the body, bringing it to the surface, where it can be released,” she notes.

Radewahn gives thanks to Michael Phelps for bringing attention to cupping while he was competing in the Rio Summer Olympic Games in 2016. “It left telltale signs on the shoulders of the Olympic swimming champion, and TV viewers took notice and began asking questions. This created international interest in Phelps and members of the U.S. men’s gymnastics team that were using cupping to speed recovery and improve range of motion for overworked muscles,” advises Radewahn, who uses a vacuum therapy machine on her clients. “Cupping doesn’t have to leave circular bruises. In fact it leaves no traces on the face at all.”

Radewahn exudes enthusiasm when she talks about the positive responses from clients that choose cupping as a part of comprehensive massages. “I recently had a New York City police officer with a back problem. I cupped his back for an hour, and he left with no pain. I’ve had clients with plantar fasciitis who also left pain-free. I cup myself and teach my clients how to do it in-between sessions. I love telling people that they don’t need to live with pain anymore,” beams Radewahn.

Power of Touch is located at 4156 Tamiami Tr. N., in Naples. For appointments, call or text (preferred) 239-571-2903. Visit

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