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Paradise Wellness & Event Center

In 2016, Kelly Messmer began seeking answers to her recurring question, “How can I provide people with more solutions to health than just beauty and feeling good about their appearance? While I’d already reached the conclusion that as an esthetician, I was limited to providing only external solutions, my passion to dig deeper for ways to merge beauty and health kept me searching for more comprehensive solutions,” she says.

Now the owner of the 8,000-square-foot Paradise Wellness & Event Center, in Bonita Springs, Messmer and her team of health professionals are excited about the ways they are bringing aspects of health and beauty together in offerings that provide individuals with many possibilities to restore and maintain their health, lose weight, trim, tone and strengthen the body through the use of personal fitness training and professional exercise equipment such as power plates, aerial yoga and bungee fitness, a low-impact workout, breath work, dance, yoga, good nutrition and therapeutic-grade essential oils, as well as massage therapy and the BEMER.

The power plate vibrations increase muscle activation to provide a low-impact, high-performance fitness solution. Engineered to activate the body’s natural reflexive response to vibrations, the power plate platform moves 25 to 50 times per second to engage muscles in a consistent and controlled manner. "It’s an excellent exercising enhancing machine that can be used by adults of every age and ability,” says Messmer.

In aerial yoga, an individual sits on a soft, fabric hammock that looks like a long scarf. Hammocks made out of high-density nylon material, that can support more than 2,000 pounds, are held up by support chains and webbing straps that adjust to an individual’s height. Throughout the yoga class, clients do traditional yoga poses or aerial adaptations of traditional poses, using the hammock for support.

The positive physical effects of the BEMER’s electromagnetic field therapy, a medical device for the physical stimulation of the vasomotion of precapillary microvessels in case of impaired microcirculation, on sleep, pain and quality of life of patients with different clinical diagnosis, have been documented and published on PubMed.

The menu in the fully equipped beauty salon includes, manicures, Himalayan salt pedicures, ear piercing, LED teeth whitening, organic airbrush tanning, haircuts and blow dry, coloring and facials.

The center has plenty of space to offer experts such as Dr. Linell King, author of Mastering Vitality, to present workshops. King is recognized for combining science, behavioral health, and spirituality to transform the lives of individuals. Other clinical nutritionists, functional fitness and elite sports performance trainers associated with the center also offer workshops, classes and presentations. “I’m constantly on the lookout to collaborate with other healthy lifestyle practitioners who enjoy teaching and educating our guests,” says Messmer.

Paradise Wellness & Event Center is located at 28410 Bonita Crossings Blvd., in Bonita Springs. For appointments, call 239-253-4862. For more information, visit

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