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Color Your Life Happy with Feng Shui

Based on the elements of nature—wood, fire, earth, water, and metal—Traditional Chinese Medicine and its sister science, feng shui, embrace the concept that every thing matters. These elements are expressed throughout our lives in everything we own, from something as small as a paper clip to things as large as an automobile, as well as the clothes we wear and in all that we pursue and long for.

An intuitive feng shui practitioner that hears a client express a want or longing for a new kitchen, bath, or home, should ask what the individual is longing for beneath that desire for the thing. The list of human longings is endless and depending on the thing, answers vary widely from better relationships to more space for gathering friends and family together, better health, or a special place for children to do homework.

Color is one powerful way to express our longing. Although Feng Shui work may involve moving furniture, picking new fabrics, choosing flooring and countertops, selecting lighting and artwork, the most challenging and confronting choice for individuals is selecting wall color.

Tendencies in our political conversations and media since 2014 make it no surprise that white—the color of metal energy, which is cold, unbending, inflexible and precise—is the current trend in decorating. Because there is no bad feng shui—only imbalance—accountants and bookkeepers without strong metal energy wouldn’t get hired. Without a strong dose of metal, we would likely be wildly disorganized.

While there is no quick answer, balance is the key. Individuals with too much metal energy may need the red of fire, which melts metal. Fire is the energy of aggression, impulsiveness, and moving fast. Too much fire energy, which gets used up in the presence of water, might require watercolors such as the colors of the sea—blues, blue-greens and very dark tones.

Earth tones, which include browns, yellows, and oranges, are also a possibility. For someone who’s too earthy (tending towards depression), wood energy might be the ticket towards balance because wood displaces earth.

The science of color is complicated. Everyone is a combination of all five elements, with some elements more in balance one day than perhaps another. A home generally needs more than one energy or color to bring it into balance. This can be done with the five elements.

Feng Shui is not a formula nor is it crystals, mirrors, plants, or rules in a book. These may be useful in working in a home or office, but they do not go to the heart of the human longing for something deeper. It is our longing that an intuitive feng shui consultant works with. The process involves decoding an individual and the space and then recreating the space to move those that live there in a new direction.

Living in a culture caught in the midst of extremes, we might all benefit by approaching life from a feng shui perspective to find the soft heart that brings us together. Feng Shui can make us pioneers in personal relationships and bring balance back to our communities.

Learn about feng shui and other related topcs beginning January 15 at free, public Sunday talks from 7 to 8 p.m. at Open Mind Zen Center, 1250 Tamiami Trail N., Ste. 205, in Naples.

Linda Mundt, an intuitive feng shui consultant for 12 years, recently relocated to the Naples area from Madison, WI. To schedule a consultation call 608-255-0651 or 239-405-7330. Email or visit

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