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BEssentially Green

Diane Leddy

Diane Leddy

Diane Leddy, a 2013 graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), has been pouring her energy and enthusiasm into what interests her most—helping others to design, maintain and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. The founder of BEssentially Green and her colleague Cathi Fitzpatrick, of Fort Myers, created the educational and consulting company to advise, guide and assist individuals that want to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. The duo offers natural living journeys, as well as home and business green makeovers. Services begin with an initial consultation, followed by the development of a customized program of coaching and support at an hourly rate.

A retired pediatric speech pathologist who has also become knowledgeable about essential oils, Leddy chuckles when she thinks back on how her life changed after getting a broad education in holistic wellness that includes everything from nutrition, fitness and spirituality to careers and relationships. “Primary Food is the concept that all of these things, plus the pursuit of our passions play an equal role in creating wellness and should all be addressed when exploring health,” says Leddy.

“After learning mind-boggling facts about the over-the-counter products in my medicine cabinet, the conventionally grown food I was eating and the cleaning products I was using, it was impossible to return to eating processed food, using Mr. Clean and eating Tums,” notes Leddy. “Now that my life and home are increasingly more eco-friendly, I know if I could make these kinds of life changes, anyone can,”

Leddy chose IIN because of its holistic health curriculum. “I knew I would get to explore the connection between what I eat and how I live, and that the end result would be that I was going to be a balanced individual who knows how to nourish my unique body and thrive in all ways. Seeing my clients do the same thing is very personally rewarding.

“We feel that more and more people are becoming interested in a healthier way of living, but don’t know where to start,” enthuses Leddy. “They may want to eat more healthfully, rid their homes and businesses of toxins or clear spaces in their homes so they can feel lighter in their mind, body and spirit. As natural living advisors, Cathi and I can support and guide people successfully using personalized mentoring for each individual. We also offer group education through classes and workshops.”

Leddy and Fitzpatrick lead Southwest Florida Health & Wellness Meetup sessions in Ft. Myer, and Naples. For more information on dates and times, call Leddy at 941-356-3688 or email

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