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Marsha Armstrong’s Path to Surrender

At the age of 10, Marsha Armstrong, owner of Guided by Divine Grace, in Naples, knew ‘beyond a doubt’ that she wanted to be a medical doctor. Born and raised in Missouri, her childhood’s heartfelt knowing became a reality. During all the years of intense work and personal sacrifice that it took for her fulfill her soul’s first directive, Armstrong never waivered in her commitment.

After graduating from Wayne State University School of Medicine, in Detroit, and completing her residency in Michigan, she, her now ex-husband and two children moved to Fort Benning, Georgia, to pay back the army for her medical scholarship by serving four years of active duty. She remained in the Peach State for 10 years, during which time she completed a radiology fellowship in mammography and interventional mammography. She spent the last 18 years of her career interpreting breast images and performing breast biopsies.

The early years of mixing medical school, residency, marriage and motherhood were emotionally, physically and mentally taxing for Armstrong. “ I went through periods of stress in a lifestyle packed full of the rigors of studying, being a wife, maintaining a home and having children during my residency years when I and my ex-husband had days of being on call every fourth night for 36 hours straight with little or no sleep. It was the kind of craziness where the outer world clamored chaotically for my attention morning, noon and night; so much so that it was easy to lose the connection to my inner life and my soul,” says Armstrong.

After living through the darkest moments of her life and the dissolution of her marriage, in 1999, Armstrong moved to Tennessee to start a new life. “During this time, my spiritual growth intensified under the mentoring and coaching from Panache Desai. Just as I knew that I was going to be a physician, I knew it was time to leave Tennessee and move to Naples, a place that I had never been to and had no family or friends living there,” advises Armstrong.

Armstrong’s awakening and reconnection to her inner world was a long journey that still continues. Reflecting upon the years that were a whirlwind of marriage and work, Armstrong recalls that she wasn’t even on her own list of priorities. “Buried under the weight of an outer life where I lost my voice, my soul began nudging me to wake up about 10 years into my 18-year marriage. Although reconnecting and learning to listen to the subtle whisperings of the soul’s directives has been a very slow process, I feel blessed and thankful for everything that has happened in my life with no exceptions,” says Armstrong, who shares highlights of the process.

“It took everything from acknowledging all that I had suppressed during my childhood, searching bookstore shelves for help with spiritual guidance and personal growth, forgiveness, as well as clearing and releasing the density of negative energy in my energy field to get to the point where I could clearly see the roles that I and all the people in my life played in helping me to learn my life’s lessons and realize that it was all for my good. I will be forever grateful to those who have and will assist me in future lessons,” states Armstrong

It also took a meltdown and questioning God about why she, a good person who cared so deeply and looked after the welfare and health of others, was having a hard time struggling with life’s difficulties. “In a flash, not only did God reveal my whole life to me in sequential order and how everything had happened for the purpose of helping me to develop and grow, but also that it had not just been my will and sheer determination that got me through life. I saw how a greater force of divine grace had been at work directing my life.

“This is the same energetic spiritual force of love that directed me to give up my work as a medical doctor after 33 years and use my hands as healing instruments. Today, this loving energy is what works through me in my energy healing practice to remove old emotions, unhealthy energies and blockages that allow an individual to return to balance. I am a vessel for this divine grace. I know that everything is being divinely handled and directed, so now I just simply say, ‘Okay god, what have you got for me today?’” says Armstrong.   

Guided by Divine Grace is located at 4851 Tamiami Tr. N., Ste. 200. For more information, call 941-500-9022. To make a 30-minute appointment, visit

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