Collier and Lee Counties Edition
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Inspired by Hilde

 T hrough her books, coaching, speaking and radio appearances, Hilde Larsen’s love of life and passion for sharing her knowledge shines through. The health and mindset coach has helped myriad individuals go from despair to passionate enthusiasm, and from surviving to thriving. “I help my clients to change their lives for the better,” says Larsen, author of From Hell to Inspired, a Journey from Severe Chronic Illness to Health and Vitality, Know the Truth and Get Healthy: A Step-by-Step Guide to True Health and Vitality, and No More Bullshit: Power Up and Grow Free—You Are the Only One You Have Been Waiting For.

An inspirational way-shower and motivator who walks her talk, Larsen fought her own battles with recurrent ulcers and stomach issues, chronic pain and ultimately, the diagnoses of rheumatoid arthritis and Lyme disease. “There were times when I was so sick that I would rather have died then live another day. I went through hell, but I never gave up, ultimately reclaiming my power. Today, I am committed to inspiring my clients that take back their life, which mostly revolves around taking medications, hospital visits, anxiety and pain. I help them achieve the success and vitality that they want.

“Truth is simple, change is not,” says Larsen, who understands why the majority of individuals need a coach, and holds them to accountable to their commitment 0f healing.

Larsen, a mother, sister, wife, business owner and athlete, combined her education as a certified health and wellness coach, detox specialist and raw food teacher, as well as her life experience, to create the Optimal Health Blueprint online video course. The 13 segments are easy to follow, straight to the point and packed with her personal experience and insights.

“I make sure my clients understand that they are never alone on their journey to reclaim a vibrantly healthy body and mind,” advises Larsen.

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