Collier and Lee Counties Edition
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Core Connections

I’ve just returned from a trip to Egypt companioned by 26 other spiritual adventurers hailing from six countries. It’s still too fresh to fully realize the significant influence to come from integrating all that I experienced visiting its ancient pyramids and temples.

As with my other travels to special spots, I felt an inexplicable sense of reconnection, likely related to humanity’s ancestral roots; yet it felt more personal than that, as if pieces of my DNA were activating greater individual wholeness as I went about collecting pieces of myself of which I’ve previously been unaware. It must be why I’m drawn to certain areas of the world; why we all are. Others in our group similarly reported such intuited recognitions, expressed in a variety of ways.

Since returning to our homes in China, India, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam and across the U.S., group members have remained connected through emails affirming our evolving “awakenings”. We share what is showing up in our dreams, as well as the little miracles unfolding in our daily lives. I’m enjoying this extraordinary bond with loving new friends destined to make this journey together.

Much gratitude goes to my friend and tour guide Rae Chandran for bringing this group together and collectively guiding us from an energetic perspective. I am equally thankful for Hares Sayed, our Egyptian guide and historian extraordinaire, who brought every hieroglyphic, pharaoh and temple to life with fascinating details and his ability to address all our questions, including people’s fear of Muslims.

Sharon BruckmanNow I’m looking forward to my next adventure of mothering our 85 Natural Awakenings publishers at our biennial gathering in Orlando in May. Such events require extra work and investment, but reconnecting in person with our family of franchise publishers and having opportunities to speak our hearts and play together reinforces the important role Natural Awakenings has in each of our communities and why we all do what we do.

This month, we celebrate all the mothers in our lives that nurture and support us, especially Mother Earth. I’m reminded of our travel group’s special experience in the Great Pyramid of Giza, held to be at the exact center of Earth’s land mass, the first morning of our trip. We had the privilege of a private 5 a.m. visit, which gifted me with my own felt anchor to Mother Earth. After climbing through long, narrow tunnels to the King’s Chamber, we participated in a ritual ceremony honoring the understanding that what happens here reverberates and ripples throughout the world. I hope you can feel our prayers and intentions for Mother Earth and her entire family.

Shukran (thank you),

Sharon Bruckman, Publisher

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