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Tracking Device in the Works for Autistic Children

Jonathon Lindback, founder and president of Ausome Minds, is developing a GPS tracking device for children with autism. The first working prototype was recently finished and testing with local families will begin soon. Lindback plans to make the app available by August 1. 

The app is shaped like a watch, with many customizable features to accommodate the sensory needs of individuals. Certain situations can cause autistic children to become overwhelmed, and they tend to wander off without notice. A tragic fatality involving a young boy in Naples inspired Lindback to create this app.

“We have been working with families in the autism community to make sure our product is designed around their needs,” says Lindback, who began work on it while still a Florida Gulf Coast University student through the school’s Institute for Entrepreneurship. “We will reduce the risk of dangerous situations by allowing parents to monitor their child’s whereabouts at all times.”

For more information, call 305-393-3283, email, visit

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