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Balance the Body and Mind with Pilates

In 2011, Amy Lademann, owner of Beyond Motion, in Naples, decided to pique the interest of local residents by offering classes that fused Barre exercises with Pilates, once considered the “workout of the elite” for dancing icons such as George Balanchine and Martha Graham. Hoping that curious students would be as enthused about the benefits of Pilates as she was, Lademann began educating them from the perspective of Pilates architect Joseph Pilates.

“Pilates is considered a thinking person’s sport for a good reason. Joseph, who was a physical fitness expert, believed in awakening people to an awareness of how their body moved, so they could correct unconscious and inefficient movements, learn to move in more effortless ways, grow stronger and become more balanced in body, mind and spirit. Few people remember that his original concept for building flexibility, strength and stamina was known as Contrology,” says Lademann, who offers Pilates teacher training certification.

“Working with the body is like peeling an onion,” notes Lademann. “We start with the first layer of ‘what is’, including any injuries for which we modify movements. As we peel away the layers peel away and do more training, you become more flexible and malleable. Your core becomes stronger and you have more symmetry in right and left of your body. Pilates is a practice where you can’t zone out, but rather have to stay zoned in and connected with your breath that corresponds with the contraction and lengthening of muscles in movement.

“The practice of Pilates has no end. As one challenge is overcome through conscious movement and attention to proper form, alignment and function, another is revealed. Pilates is an ever-evolving practice that Joseph did throughout his life and I’ve done ever since I discovered it in my former years as a dancer,”

Beyond Motion is located at 11985 Tamiami Tr. N., in Naples. For more information regarding the January Pilates Teaching Training, call 239-254-9300 or visit

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