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Chemical-Free Thirst-Quenching Clean Water

In 2016, Allini Water Systems, in Naples, opened to offer a water filtration system that produced organic and chemical-free drinking water for residents and business owners. Originally established in New York, the company also has an East Coast operation.

In homes and businesses throughout Southwest Florida, the Allini team has completed the installation of hundreds of high-quality organic water filtration systems that use no chemicals, salt or reverse osmosis, and do not require cartridge replacements or monthly maintenance fees.

The filtration models in the Allini series consist of six layers, beginning with triple-layer organic coconut shell carbon that removes chlorination byproducts, chlorine, organics, tastes and odors.

Rapid Sand provides high-efficiency filtration, while KDF removes chlorine, heavy metals and bacteria. It also extends the life of the filter media up to 15 times.

Layered stone and quartz crystals are the backbone of the Allini systems and prevent water channeling. This aids in the preservation of filter life, while assisting in the body’s ability to hydrate more efficiently.

A ceramic pouch creates antioxidant-structured water with better taste. The super ceramic layer restructures and conditions water, and the negative ion ceramic increases hydration and metabolism within the body.

Garnet Grades is a combination of fine and coarse garnet. These hard and durable minerals assist in the filter’s ability to remove all fine sediments.

A smart meter runs on electric, and is attached to the outdoor water main. It automatically counts down from 1,500 gallons to one gallon. Upon reaching one gallon, it is programmed to backwash for 10 minutes, and then refill for 10 minutes. This is the key to no maintenance.

Allini Water Systems of Naples is located at 1498 Rail Head Blvd., in Naples. For more information, call 239-451-4393 or visit

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