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Pets are in Good Hands at Naples Dog Center & Salon

Naples Dog Center & Salon has been doing business in Naples since 2004. Linda and JC Nall, owners of the facility, exited enjoyable careers in the electronics industry to do what they love—caring for and interacting with dogs and people—full-time. Before moving to Naples from California, Linda, whose favorite pastime was raising, training and handling horses and dogs at competitive events, decided to become a professional groomer, because the activity was already an essential part of preparing the animals for shows.

Her background in animal science and nutrition, which she studied at University of California at Davis, provided the perfect foundation for working with clients on their furry companion’s behavioral issues. She is certified in biofeedback and Healing Touch, which she provides in stress-relief biofeedback sessions for dogs and horses.

Naples Dog Center’s grooming process combines soothing bathing massages with natural solutions such as aromatherapy, homeopathic remedies, herbs, therapeutic clays and calming remedies. All cleaning and disinfecting solutions, as well as shampoos, are natural and pH balanced.

JC’s role is the operation of the store and researching the best-quality foods and treats to offer four-legged friends. “We will never compromise your pet’s natural well-being, which is why we offer only the best in nutrition, natural remedies, herbs, tinctures, whole food supplements and treats. We carry the best we can find in natural foods—fresh-frozen raw diets, raw meaty bones, custom prepared cooked and raw diets, kibble, canned, packaged and recipes for home-prepared meals. We also ship to our customers when they are away, ” says JC, an ardent researcher.

Linda notes that she is grateful that the work done at the center is meaningful and spiritually uplifting. She cites one of many incidents that have occurred in the grooming salon, an open environment where dogs move about freely. “A dog had a seizure here,” she says. “When we saw what was happening, we dimmed the lights and quieted the entire room. He wouldn’t lie down, so I stood over him to make sure he was okay. While he was seizing, the other 22 dogs all gathered in circle to quietly watch. When his seizure was over and he regained his confidence, he pulled himself up and slowly went around the circle to touch the nose of every dog. I could tell hundreds of these stories, and each one makes me smile when I remember the special moments.”

Naples Dog Center & Salon is located at 630 Tamiami Tr. N., in Naples. For more information, call 239-530-3647 or visit

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