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Inner Essence Health

Works to Help People Enjoy Life, Not Just Live it

Evie Breedlove

Evie Breedlove

Working in a primary care medical practice where health practitioners had incorporated integrative medicine gave Evie Breedlove Mangapora a head start in what was to become her true calling— practicing functional medicine. Influenced by good mentors that were ahead of their time in using practices such as vitamin C infusions, Breedlove, an advanced registered nurse practitioner, benefitted from expertise and experience that now serves the patients she treats at Inner Essence Health, located within the offices of Wellbridges Health Center, in Bonita Springs.

When her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, Breedlove exhausted every conventional medical resource to which she had access in Michigan, where she lived then. “I consulted a traditional oncologist, formulated a treatment plan and flew to Florida. When I explained to my mom that the plan included chemotherapy and radiation, she refused to implement it. Mom had already consulted with Dr. Teresa Sievers, in Bonita Springs, because she didn’t want to suffer the damaging effects of conventional treatments and was determined to find out why she had cancer and what she could do to prevent it from reoccurring. When she told me about what Teresa recommended, I decided I would go fully prepared with all my questions to my mom’s next doctor’s appointment. I left that appointment with in-depth knowledge that not only benefited my mom, but also her treatment plan and my future. I enrolled at the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine/Medical Metabolic Institute, where Teresa got her training. Today, my mom is enjoying good health. She eats only organic, threw out her toxic chemical housecleaning products, perfumes and makeup. She has no regrets, enjoys her grandchildren and appreciates her healthy lifestyle. Sometimes she acts younger than I do,” enthuses Breedlove.

Breedlove lets her patients know that she is a firm believer in a time and place for conventional health care, medications and surgery. She also informs them that she believes in using the protocols of functional medicine to determine the underlying causes of their health challenges. “Symptoms are your body’s red warning flags. Think of the ‘check engine’ light on your car. When it lights up, you immediately call your mechanic, because you know there is a problem,” she explains.

Declaring that she doesn’t heal anyone, Breedlove explains confidently that the body heals itself. “I guide, educate and encourage patients regarding how they can support their body’s innate healing process with neutraceuticals, supplements, nutrition, good sleep habits and other lifestyle changes that include the right attitude and mindset, which are all aspects of functional medicine, she says.

“My mom’s positive attitude of, ‘I’m going to do this my way,’ amazed me. After she shared her diagnosis, I assumed the fetal position in my bed for three days. I didn’t care that I only felt like wearing my yoga pants or pajamas when I drove my children to school. It was my mom’s lack of ‘Why not me?’ attitude and her desire for quality of life rather than quantity of life that lifted me up and out of bed,” recalls Breedlove, who connected with Wellbridges owner Deb Post at a nurse practitioner meeting while temporarily living in the area and supporting her mother.

“I was already in my functional medicine fellowship with the Institute and understood what Deb talked about. We stayed in touch afterwards and eventually discussed my setting up an office at her place of business,” explains Breedlove.

“I believe that with today’s insurance, high deductibles motivate individuals to become more proactive with their health. I see individuals striving to achieve an optimal quality of health, instead of living up to a ripe old age in a wheelchair. People seek me out to help with concerns about belly fat, weight gain, stress, fatigue, thyroid conditions, hormone imbalances and sleep disturbances,” advises Breedlove. “They want good health to be a strong foundation for their life, rather than living dependent on pharmaceuticals. I love to help people make healthy lifestyle choices and achieve their goals, which is why I also give free monthly presentations in the community on various health topics such as my Hormones and Your Health on April 19 at 6:30 p.m., at Wellbridges Health Center.”

Inner Essence Health is located at 9200 Bonita Beach Rd., Ste. 113, in Bonita Springs. For more information, call 239- 777-4647 or visit

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