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Local Animal Communicator Offers Doctor Dolittle Tips

Fostering better understanding between humans and animals is possible if we follow Maureen Sanders’ advice of listening to them with our hearts. Sanders, a local practitioner who communicates with animals via her energetic healing, notes that animals often act from unconditional love and endless forgiveness. “This is why the first step in opening up communication with domestic or wild animals is to forget your own agenda; release any expectations and be equally selfless in listening for their needs with an unconditional love. Animals have unique personalities and do not all behave in the same way. This is why it is necessary to work with their individual characteristics and abilities,” explains Sanders.

Animals instinctively know if we are trustworthy. When they believe we have their best interests at heart and are not demanding something unreasonable from them, they willingly open up and communicate with words, images and feelings. It’s up to us to learn to trust and believe in the images and feelings we receive.

“It’s not only important to witness their behavior and body language, but also to understand that they could be mirroring us to help us become aware of areas we need to work on. Sometimes working on our own personal growth issues, self-love and self-healing can help the animal, and vice versa,” advises Sanders, who offers other important tips to communicate effectively with animals from her many personal experiences.

  • Maureen Sanders Animal Talker to HorsesPut yourself inside the animal’s mind and body, and then reflect upon what you feel and how the world around you appears from their perspective.
  • Let go of the need to be right. We all have something to learn.
  • Turn off distracting electronics such as cell phones, TV or the radio.
  • Clear the mind of cluttered and chaotic thoughts.
  • Get centered with mindful meditation, even if only for five to 10 minutes.
  • Observe their eyes to see what emotion or message they are emanating.
  • Expand your inner and outer vision. Look through your higher, soul-based self, rather than your personality.  

“The more we become one with all of the natural world, the greater our skill will be to communicate with animals. Releasing any imposed limitations that prohibit or constrict our understanding of the web of energy that connects all things goes a long way in animal or human communication,” advises Sanders.

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