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Vitality is a Way of Life for Linell King

Linell King

Linell King

A Naples resident since 2004, Linell King, M.D., owner of Ultimate Vitality Partners, combines medical science, behavioral health and spirituality to help people transform their lives. That motivation is the recipe for success that he used to transform his own life. A wellness-focused physician who specializes in internal medicine, King is the former co-owner of the Pandya/King Group, a group hospitalist practice consisting of in-patient physicians that practiced their field of medicine exclusively in a hospital.  

“For nine years, we were very successful working in large hospitals in four cities. Although we did well, I didn’t feel fulfilled with taking care of people in a hospital setting only for them to be released and then return later for treatment of the same or related illnesses. I also felt that my partners and I weren’t making a serious impact on our communities’ health care crisis,” says King, author of Mastering Vitality.

King went through his own personal crisis when his mom was diagnosed with cancer. “I took care of her for many years. I went on a spiritual journey that included a trip to Oneness University near Chennai, India, where I developed a respect for the universal need in all of us to connect with something greater than ourselves. I knew for certain that I wanted to be on the wellness side of health care. Being involved in educating and working with individuals to teach them what the body needs to heal itself was the type of impact I was looking to make. I learned how to get people off their medications, live with vitality and have the energy to do everything they want to do. Vitality is what we all want!” says King, who now pre-educates the community via his seminars on how to optimize health.

“We all want to be strong and full of life. However, what the majority of individuals don’t realize is that they are living lifestyles that are leading to disease.” states King. “I encourage individuals to come to my educational seminar before allowing them to come to my office. I want them to understand that there is no quick fix. I only work with people who wish to be an active participant in their own rescue.  For those who don’t want to change and who are looking for a physician to fix them, I’m not their guy. Whether a person becomes a client or not, everyone walks away with a great education, and I am happy knowing that I’ve planted a seed. They won’t be looking at the healthcare, pharmaceutical or food industries the same way ever again!” enthuses King.

For more information on how to control health, RSVP to King’s upcoming Stress, Hormones and Health seminar at 239-465-0098. Dinner is included for one attendee plus a guest.

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