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Go Beyond Resolutions

Local Practitioners Suggest Steps for Structured Health Plans

Before (left) and after laser resurfacing by Dr. Stephen Prendiville

Before (left) and after laser resurfacing by Dr. Stephen Prendiville

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Individuals that take steps to care for themselves and make the changes they desire often find that their self-esteem and emotional well-being also improve, according to Psychology Today. Building a stronger connection between looking and being our best, feeling confident, capable, and empowered can also build self-trust, a factor in The Speed of Trust that author Stephen M. R. Covey considers essential to keeping commitments that we make to ourselves, especially our New Year’s resolutions.

For individuals seeking to make 2018 a year of fulfillment, local practitioners suggest easy and fun mini-steps that can boost self-esteem, create self-trust and produce immediate results that encourage more action.

Frame the Face with New Color and Style

In Naples salons such as Raw Hair Organic Salon and Salon Zenergy, women and men are asking for new looks that better frame the face and enhance facial features. “Many clients want a new cut, a different color, or both. I’ve had requests for drastic changes, from blonde to chocolate brown, from long hair to short pixies and shades of red. Many young male clients are asking for short sides long top haircuts,” says Melanie Nickels, Raw Hair Organic Salon owner.

A Beautiful Smile

“It’s never too late for braces,” says Board-Certified Orthodontist Dr. Dennis DiPalma, owner of Bella Braces, in Naples. With different options—nickel-free hypoallergenic braces, standard silver braces, clear ceramic braces, lingual braces and Invisalign, individuals see quick improvements. “Straight teeth result in healthier teeth and gums and spending less time in the dentist chair,” says DiPalma.

Healthy Nails and Younger Looking Hands

An anti-aging manicure applied with a warm mitten at Andrea’s Organic Hair Salon & Spa, in Naples, nourishes the skin with a specially blended, lightweight agave nectar with essential oils. “The lacquer nail polish is free of nitrocellulose, toluene, formaldehyde and camphor, and fortified with panthenol and calcium. It strengthens nails without yellowing, dries rock-hard without UV light, wears like gel and removes like polish,” says spa owner Andrea Sorrenti.

Increase Nature’s Neurochemistry

The body releases endorphins such as norepinephrine, dopamine, anadamide (the bliss molecule), and serotonin during periods of physical activity, resulting in feelings of well-being. While nearly any kind of physical activity has the potential to release endorphins, dancing is particularly effective. Try a ballroom dancing class at All Star Dance Studio, in Naples or a Zumba class at Paradise Wellness & Event Center. Zumba teacher Raymix-Jose Vargas promises, “You will have a blast.”

Explore creativity though art with Paula Brody, a mixed media artist and owner of Inspirations Artists and Design Gallery, in Naples. “Creativity is known for its state of flow and its healing affect,” says Brody.

Clear Internal and External Spaces

There are multiple benefits to removing dead skin cells on the face and body, toxins and waste from the colon, clutter in the home and stagnation in the energy field.

At Purely You Spa, in Naples, spa owner Jennifer Alvarez Linguidi, recommends the microgreens detox powerdermabrasion facial that not only removes dead skin cells, but also hydrates and smoothens the skin. She says, “Dermaplanning is another technique that exfoliates and removes facial hair. For the body, I suggest dry brushing and an organic sugar scrub that stimulates circulation.”  

“Clear clutter using feng shui principles. The low, stagnant and confusing energy of clutter drains our personal energy field. Depending on the feng shui area of home where clutter is located, it can influence or block the flow of energy and events in many areas of life,” says Linda Mundt, a Bonita Springs-based feng shui expert.

Maureen Sanders transformational energy work over a period of three months helped Naples resident Patti Silver, whose many years of traditional psychotherapy failed to relieve the overwhelming sense of sadness that she’d lived with all of her life. “In Maureen’s sessions, she shared with me the healing guidance that she received from a higher realm of understanding. This helped me to release the darkness of the past and allowed me to discover joy in my life," advises Silver.

Zap Energy Draining Allergies with NAET

Phyllis Weber, a licensed acupuncturist trained in Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET) is the owner of Gulf Coast Acupuncture, in Naples and Fort Myers. NAET views allergies from a holistic perspective and defines them in terms of the allergen’s effect on the energy flow within the body. “A thorough intake and muscle response testing (MRT) indicates specific allergens. While the patient is holding an allergen, I stimulate pressure points along the spine. Another MRT ensures the allergy has been removed. A strong MRT indicates NAET has worked. I apply acupuncture again to solidify the treatment. The allergen must be avoided for 25 hours in order that each of the 12 meridians has a chance to reset,” says Weber.

Detox and Go Organic

The ultimate detoxifying and cleansing experience, Panchakarma is a series of five specialized ayurvedic treatments individually designed for each person’s specific constitution and health challenge. “A complete treatment lasts approximately three hours and is recommended on three consecutive days for maintaining health through seasonal changes and seven days for individuals with health challenges,” advises Christina Carlin, who is a licensed massage therapist and ayurvedic practitioner as well as the the owner of Ayurveda Massage & Yoga Institute in Naples

Mariesa Copeland, co-owner of Genesis Non-GMO Vitamins, and Donald Lippe, a customer service specialist for Nutrition and Body Care at Food & Thought (both in Naples), recommend eating as organic as possible and taking only organic and non-GMO vitamins that provide inner nourishment for visible differences in healthier hair, skin and nails. Both stores carry products with ingredients such as fermented biotin, horsetail, alfalfa, nettles, silica and products that promote the regeneration of collagen.

Ditch Leaded Lipsticks

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