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The Health and Wellness Sanctuary of Naples

Yolanda Beckers

Yolanda Beckers

While traveling a spiritual path for more than 25 years, Yolanda Beckers, a Naples resident, has generously shared the wisdom and spiritual insights she has received along the way with many Southwest Floridians. Beckers, who practices naturopathy, raja yoga meditation, and spring forest qigong, facilitates body/mind/soul connection workshops and serves as the director of the InnerLight Center and The Health and Wellness Sanctuary of Naples, a nonprofit that empowers individuals to live healthy, conscious and spiritually aware lifestyles.

The Health and Wellness Sanctuary offers adult education courses on body, mind and spirit, as well as stimulating speakers and workshops on a variety of subjects such as discovering the age-old secrets of energy fields and how they can influence well-being, crystal bowls and ancient gong sounds to balance the chakras.

Yoga classes are offered, along with rhythmic movements of qigong, which stimulate vital energy and reduce stress while enhancing the immune system. Raja yoga meditation courses are offered for all levels free of charge, based on an adequate amount of donations received by the sanctuary.

Classes on nutrition and how to prepare quick and healthy meals help individuals understand their particular constitution and which foods optimize health. Instruction includes alkaline juicing and take-home recipes.

Instruction on relaxation techniques and healing modalities are offered for individuals dealing with cancer. Private consultations, interactive healing sessions and sound vibration healing sessions are also available. Programs that teach life skills for children are intended to develop emotional strength, self-confidence and stability.

The Health and Wellness sanctuary hosts a monthly Southwest Florida Community Kirtan, an evening of joyful and dynamic devotional chants, as well as organizing and hosting the annual Yoga Festival of Naples, with yoga classes, vendors, meditation classes, live kirtan music and healthy food. Volunteers will be appreciated for the 2018 event.  

“We teach individuals how to tap into the power of their natural healing force so they can experience vitality and well-being and bring vibrant health back. We see you as a unique being. Nobody is the same, so we offer each person a program best suited to their individual needs," says Beckers. A teacher of the Spiritual University of the Brahma Kumaris, who learned healing sound techniques from Tibetan monks, she offers free meditation courses at the InnerLight Center throughout the year.

The Health and Wellness Sanctuary is offering a three-hour program from 9 a.m. to noon, July 22, that includes instruction on how to go deep into meditation after a yoga session, as well as sound healing to align the chakras. “Everyone is welcome,” advises Beckers.

The Health and Wellness Sanctuary of Naples is located at 4810 Hickory Wood Dr., in Naples. For more information, call 239-269-2221 or email

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