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Empower U Health Coaching by Amanda

Amanda Laukaitis

Amanda Laukaitis

The best words to describe the results of Amanda Laukaitis’ journey from a disease-promoting lifestyle to one that advances the optimal health that she enjoys today are total transformation. The dramatic change in mind and body required great self-discipline, self-motivation and accountability in order to shift from a routine that included binging nightly on Trader Joe’s orange chicken, ice cream and other sweets, smoking a half a pack of Parliament Light cigarettes daily and working at bar, which often caused her to stay up sometimes until 3 a.m. or later.

“When I moved to Florida. I was already overweight when I began working at a restaurant where I ate fried foods and cheeseburgers regularly. I gained so much weight that I couldn’t put my pants on anymore and had to buy a new wardrobe. I tried exercising here and there. but never lost any weight. so I gave up. I felt tired, depressed and grumpy. I was sick every other month and had really bad eczema. I was disgusted with my body,” says Laukaitis.

The tide began to turn when Laukaitis purchased a pair of running shoes, read several books on running, created her own training plan and registered for her first half-marathon. Hooked on running. she lost weight and got into better shape, but felt as though she still needed something more to make a total shift. She turned to plant-based nutrition, watching documentaries and reading books such as Colin Campbell’s China Study. “My life was forever changed. The plant-based diet, which was the key to unlock boundless energy, helped me to discover my life’s work. Six years, more than 12 marathons and 25 pounds later, I have created a successful holistic health coaching business that is far more than just about following a diet plan. It’s a lifestyle,” advises Laukaitis, who offers four programs and a 14-day reset cleanse.

Her 90-Day Total Body Transformation offers the right system, support and accountability so the client reaches their health and wellness goals to gain the body they want.

Total Transformation 30-Day Jumpstart includes four private coaching sessions in which clients are motivated to exercise, encouraged to develop a new perspective on mealtimes and to create customized food lists that are right for their unique body. Shopping lists for meal planning are included.

Grocery Store Tours are a one-hour walkthrough of a client’s local grocery to find go-to foods. The educational tour includes information about which ingredients to avoid and how to determine if something is healthy or not. It includes a plant-based diet customizable food list and instructions on what to always leave out of the cart.

Run Your First Race is a customized running plan that includes support, motivation, a running schedule that gets the client across the finish line and how to build up weekly runs in order to finish a marathon safely without injuries, as well as what and when to eat for long runs.

For more information, call 978-257-3238 or visit

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