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House Cleaning as an Act of Prevention and Wellness

Cindy Bisanti

Cindy Bisanti

Cleaning house is a task that not everyone wants to tackle. However, a conversation with Cindy Bisanti, owner of Crunchy Cleaning by Cindy, might lead us to wonder exactly what we might be missing out on. To the woman that has been cleaning house her whole life, it may seem impossible that there is anything special about it until Bisanti’s description of making a home healthy for its owners elevates cleaning to an act of prevention and wellness.

The health benefits of cleaning with non-toxic cleaning supplies are a subject that Bisanti talks about from experience. “I had been cleaning for many years using the typical commercial cleaning products. Gradually, I increasingly felt at the end of my work day as though I’d been hit by a truck. I thought maybe I was getting too old for the business until information started coming out about toxins in commercial cleaning products. I began searching Google where I learned that most commercial products have endocrine disruptors. Many of the toxins in them are banned in Europe but still used in U.S. product formulas. I had developed a fairly large breast cyst, which the doctor said was benign,” she explains.

Bisanti started putting the puzzle pieces together. When her homeopathic doctor asked about the brand of deodorant she used, Bisanti was aghast when the doctor responded that it was one of the most toxic brands on the market. Bisanti immediately changed deodorant, purchased an essential oil body cleanse and switched to natural cleaning products that include what Bisanti refers to as a “magic cleaning cloth” worth its weight in silver.

“The feeling of exhaustion and flu-like symptoms at the end of every work day went away and the cyst began to shrink. It’s practically gone now, so I know I did the right thing for me and my customers,” says Bisanti who gets plenty of feedback from clients. “When I’m leaving their home, clients all say the same thing, ‘My home smells so fresh,’” notes Bisanti, whose business has evolved over the years.

“I’m now helping to organize homes of people that I clean for. The shift came about naturally as a result of sometimes having to move things around in order to do a deep cleaning. It was the positive feedback and increase in my sense of satisfaction and fulfillment that led me to let a potential client know that I can help them with organizing their home. I so appreciate when a client says that her life feels more in balance when her house is clean and in order, or when someone tells me that she feels less overwhelmed and more likely to invite friends over more often,” advises Bisanti.

“I care about the people I work with. On my first visit, I do a meet-and-greet. We walk through the home and talk so that we feel a sense of connection. That’s important to me, because I consider that my clients are my friends. One of the reasons I so enjoy cleaning is that it’s something I start and finish. I immediately can admire the fruits of my labors and have a great deal of satisfaction knowing that my work has made someone’s life better. Their compliments are icing on my cake,” enthuses Bisanti.

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