Collier and Lee Counties Edition
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Calendar Listings

Natural Awakenings offers two different calendars – our magazine calendar and our website calendar. Both are wonderful resources to help fill your next workshop or event.


MAGAZINE CALENDAR - 10th of the month deadline

PAID MAGAZINE CALENDAR LISTINGS: The magazine features three types of paid calendar listings:

  • EVENTS CALENDAR For one-time event listings. $20 per listing.
  • ONGOING CALENDAR For regular classes, meetings, etc., that occur on an ongoing basis. $15 per listing.
  • PLAN-AHEAD For events taking place in future months. $30 per listing.

          Click here to submit PAID MAGAZINE CALENDAR LISTINGS.

FREE MAGAZINE CALENDAR LISTINGS: If you are a current magazine advertiser or distribution site, you may be entitled to Free Magazine Calendar Listings. See Calendar Submission Guidelines on the FREE MAGAZINE CALENDAR LISTINGS page.

Non-profit organizations are given free calendar listings for most events that are not major fund raisers. Please submit your non-profit events through Free Magazine Calendar Listings for approval.

          Click here to submit FREE  MAGAZINE CALENDAR LISTINGS.

ONLINE CALENDAR - can be submitted any time (no deadline)

You are entitled to the number of Free Online Calendar Listings equal to the number of magazine calendar listings you have, paid or free. If you have seven magazine calendar listings, you get seven free online calendar listings.

  • These submissions must pertain to something that our readers can attend or otherwise participate in, be locally oriented, and pertain to subject matter that interests our typical reader.
  • You can upload a photo and there is no limit to number of words, although we ask that you keep it to a reasonable and appropriate length.
  • Ongoing events can only be submitted to run a maximum of three months and then must be re-entered to assure these are current.
  • Please allow two days for your submission to become active.

          Click here to submit ONLINE CALENDAR LISTINGS.